The phrase “you never know what tomorrow will bring” has never been more true than the past few weeks. Most people I’ve spoken with are still trying to figure out how the current economic conditions happened so fast…or how they happened at all. I’m not sure I can answer either question, but from where I sit, it’s certainly affecting the 2009 marketing process.

I was all set to write a brilliant blog about why it’s so important to continue marketing efforts during tough economic times. When researching the topic, I came across so many good articles I decided to link to some of them here (to save you time from doing the same research). These articles address why it’s so important to continue investing in marketing your products and services during an economic downturn. The key is to do it smartly with strategic efforts that drive traffic, leads and/or sales.

Thriving in a Downturn Economy: Top Strategies to Recession Proof Your Marketing
By Lisa Cole-Paquin – SVP, Principal Marketing Strategist, Protocol Integrated Direct Marketing

Great marketing for lousy economic times
By David Warschawski, B2B Magazine

Marketing During a Downturn – Executive Summary
By Marketing Sherpa

Marketing in an Economic Downturn: Mistakes, Challenges and Opportunities
By the American Marketing Association

Marketing In An Economic Downturn
By Michael J Obrien

Marketing: Surviving the Economic Downturn
By Laura Lake,

Certainly all of my clients and colleagues are being affected by the current economic conditions. Marketing budgets are being cut at a time when they should actually be increasing. The benefit to working with an agency like Active Integrated is that we are small, flexible and cost effective. So, if you need some help, give us a call.


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