Why do clients hire agencies? Sounds like a simple question, but not always a one clients consciously ask when they start their search. Generally it’s because they need advertising or marketing support and don’t have internal resources to create promotional campaigns.

But it goes much deeper than that. Clients hire a marketing or advertising agency because they need their marketing expertise. They need an outside, (aka…hopefully objective), opinion of how to embark on employing a solid strategy for their brand. Here’s a good philosophy to live by – do what you do and do it well – and outsource the rest. But remember – a really successful client-agency relationship is as a true partnership where both sides are invested in the success of the company – not just as a vendor. You’re not buying copy paper – you’re buying brain power. And there’s a value to that.

Assuming that you look to marketing agencies as a source of expertise, the purpose of our blog is to provide relevant and strategic marketing information that you can use today. Maybe we’ll include a few things to ponder about this crazy industry of ours and we’ll even try to have a little fun along the way. So check back frequently for new postings, and please share your opinions with us as well.

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