In a previous blog post, “Do what you do well and outsource the rest,” I outlined some of the benefits to working with an outside resource for marketing support. I can’t deny the topic isn’t a little self serving, however if I didn’t believe agencies provide an important service, I wouldn’t own one.

MarketingProfs recently posted a new article on the topic, “Outsourcing Marketing: Does It Make Sense For You?” by Mike Etzinger. Etzinger makes some excellent points about utilizing an agency and includes also some for keeping the work in-house as well.

Here are a few benefits to consider for outsourcing that were outlined in the article.

  • Higher quality output
  • Faster work
  • A bigger pool of necessary experts (best of breed team)
  • Flexibility
  • Better technical expertise

One major point I would like to add is TRUST. You have to trust your marketing partner and feel confident your best interest is their best interest. As I say to my clients all the time, “your success is our success.”  Without trust, none of the other benefits matter.

I realized when I was reading the Marketing Profs article that these benefits to my clients are the exact reason I started Active Integrated Marketing almost eight years ago. Ready to work with an agency? Give me a call to discuss at 215-885-3351.


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