Many of my clients either want to blog “better” or are considering adding it to their marketing mix. Their biggest barrier is they think a blog needs to be long to be good. It’s more important to share relevant content that readers want then to “over-write” just for the sake of filling the page. (psssttt…no one has time to read a really long blog unless you’ve totally hooked them in the lead!)

A recent blog entitled “Seventeen Ways to Grow Your Blog,”  from editor Cindy King of the Social Media Examiner provides excellent tips for either the experienced blogger or a beginner. Here are the “17 ways” and I highly recommend taking the time to read all the details for each tip here.

  1. Be active in other communities first
  2. Write about what you love
  3. Write insanely good content (and if you can’t write – hire someone to do it for you)
  4. Answer questions for your audience
  5. Offer real value
  6. Be there for your readers
  7. Say something new
  8. Make your readers feel good
  9. Respect your audience
  10. Focus on evergreen content
  11. Know your goals and stick to them
  12. Deliver as promised
  13. Give each reader an opportunity to interact with you
  14. Ask for subscriptions at the end of each article
  15. Place your subscriber box at the top
  16. Offer a benefit
  17. Let people follow you in the way they prefer

Follow these simple guidelines for each and every blog you post and your blog will be successful.


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