Anyone surviving the advertising and marketing industries over the past five years knows it’s been a tough time for us. I’ve maintained the “survival of the fittest” theory is more true than ever now. Smaller agencies have the ability to be quick, nimble and most importantly – flexible – for their clients.

In a recent blog by Michael Gass, he outlines his top eight reasons why it’s a great time to be a boutique agency including:

  1. They have the opportunity to build awareness well beyond their local markets.
  2. A real opportunity exists to work with bigger clients and nationally known brands.
  3. Agencies can generate more appeal by creating a narrower niche. They can hyper-focus on a specific target audience, category or discipline or a combination of these.
  4. Increased revenue by being better positioned for their advertising and marketing expertise through category or target audience experience or through a particular discipline.
  5. Network and referral business becomes more efficient.
  6. Inbound lead generation is proving to be less expensive than traditional outbound leads.
  7. Allows agencies to work with the clients that matchup well with its core strengths.
  8. More new client accounts can be won without pitching.

From a client perspective, #7 is the most important. At Active Integrated, our model allows us to form the best teams for the client’s needs and industry. There’s no square pegs going in round holes here. It allows us to hit the ground running for our clients with little learning curve.

I would add a #9 – flexibility. Long gone are the days of retainers being a given. Working with a smaller agency benefits both the client and the agency because we can work out the best financial arrangement for both companies so that it’s a win-win for everyone without being locked in to a specific structure.

So, if you’re a decision maker looking for an agency, don’t discount working with a boutique agency – you’ll get more bang for your buck and better, customized service.


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