A recent article on Fast Company Design talks about what’s coming in digital in 2013. I LOVE all things digital – I even admit to being a digital geek. However, I also admit my brain is on serious overload. I was thrilled to see the article made a point about the importance of simplicity. To read the full article, click here.

Here is the writer’s (Olof Schybergson) insight on how the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principal is being applied to the digital world successfully:

Simple rules for a K.I.S.S. world:

• Focus on what can be removed, rather than what could be added. Make sure every single feature, element, and interface drives real value for the user.

• Bravely go to the pain threshold that separates “extremely simple” from “plain dumb.”

• Use mobile as a primary tool to drive simplicity across products and services.

• Apply the principles of simplicity internally: How could your teams and your structure be leaner and more effective? Taking action to simplify internally will enable you to reflect that simplicity outward as well.

Amen Olof!

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