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Need to take your marketing from zero to 60…now?

Active Integrated Marketing will drive your marketing to success with solid strategic thinking and solutions that save you time and money.

We are a full service agency located in the Philadelphia area specializing in strategic planning and implementation of integrated marketing programs. Active Integrated Marketing specializes in healthcare, b2b, financial and insurance industries.

No business can afford to ignore the power of online marketing when combined with traditional offline tactics. Strategic integration of media allows you to generate qualified leads, strengthen your brand, target your audience and drive sales. Why? Because you can measure ROI across channels and this allows you to better allocate your budget.

Our promise to our clients – our enthusiastic team will get up to speed quickly while establishing a solid relationship with your team. Among the many benefits to working with to working with an agency like ours is that we are small, flexible and cost effective. At Active Integrated, you will only work with an experienced best-of-breed team of experts.

You may have gotten sidetracked with agencies or consultants who weren’t responsive to your needs and goals. Not only will we map out the road for each project, we implement your initiatives and include a thorough analysis of the results. We’ll keep you out of the pits and running with great mileage. Expect attention to detail and honesty along the way.

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